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Roland Glenbrook is a playable character in Triangle Strategy. He is a member of the House Wolffort War Council.



Roland was a rebellious young prince, known for his constant excursions outside of Glenbrook and avoidance of his royal responsibilities. On one such excursion, he met Hughette Bucklar, a hawk tamer. He defended the young lady from bandits, and asked for no reward outside of her gratitude. Little did he know, Hughette would join the Kingsguard and swear to protect him with her life.

King Regna, Roland's father, had a very distant relationship with the young prince. Maxwell Trier was a legendary warrior who mentored Roland for years, serving him dutifully and respectfully. Despite Roland feeling unloved by Regna, he always viewed Maxwell as a reliable father figure.

Younger Prince of Glenbrook[]

Roland is the younger son of King Regna Glenbrook, a powerful monarch who brought the Saltiron War to a close via his negotiations with Hyzante and Aesfrost. Serenoa of House Wolffort is his closest friend. Roland is first seen in Chapter I: A Young Hawk Soars, rushing in to help Serenoa defend Frederica from a group of bandits. He is soon tracked down by the Kingsguard and returned to Whiteholm Castle. In the following chapters, Roland accompanies Serenoa on various diplomatic missions, such as the Norzelian Tournament, Serenoa's visit to Aesfrost or Hyzante, and Serenoa's visit to the Grand Norzelian Mines.

Tragedy strikes when Dragan Aesfrost is assassinated in the mines by Aesfrosti forces, and Glenbrook is beseiged by Gustadolph Aesfrost's army. Although Roland and House Wolffort rush to Whiteholm Castle's throne room, they are met with the sight of General Avlora killing prince Frani Glenbrook in cold blood. Realizing the severity of the situation, King Regna Glenbrook tasks the Dawnspear Maxwell Trier with escorting Roland and House Wolffort to safety. Roland and his comrades make it to an escape ship, but Maxwell Trier, Roland's only father figure, dies protecting the party from Avlora. The next day, King Regna is beheaded, leaving Roland and Cordelia as the only surviving members of the royal family. Gustadolph Aesfrost also marries Cordelia, in order to bind her to Aesfrost and use her as an Aesfrosti mouthpiece.

Roland burns with vengeance against Gustadolph for the the pain he inflicted upon Glenbrook. To a lesser extent, Roland also wishes to fell Avlora, as a way to avenge his mentor and older brother.

  • If the War Council votes to go to Surrender Roland

Roland is handed over to Aesfrost, but is freed shortly after through the grace of his sister, Cordelia Glenbrook. He returns to House Wolffort before Gustadolph realizes anything is amidst.

  • If the War Council votes to go to Protect Roland

Serenoa valiantly faces off against General Avlora, and defeats her with a combination of military might and superb tactics. Silvio Telliore later proposes a deal with Serenoa, and offers to ally Glenbrook's three high houses against Aesfrost. This offer turns out to be nothing more than a trap, and the party drives off the traitorous Silvio before he has a chance to capture Roland.

In order to prevent Aesfrost from targetting House Wolffort, Roland fakes his death with Benedict Pascal's help and pretends to be Maxwell Trier, the Dawnspear. Roland follows Serenoa Wolffort's story until he can reclaim the throne.

King of Glenbrook[]

When House Wolffort retakes Glenbrook, Roland's people are less than happy to see him return. The people not only preferred Gustadolph's rule, but were being extorted by Loyalists to the crown. When Roland kills one such loyalist, Patriatte Konsar, he is met with dissaproval and fear by the people of Glenbrook. Roland's breaking point occurs when a small girl attempts to assassinate him to avenge her deceased parents. Roland realizes he may not be a good king for Glenbrook, and tries to figure out a way to give his people the care and leadership they deserve.


"The following section contains major spoilers for Triangle Strategy."

In Chapter XVI: Sleep, My Friend, Roland and the rest of House Wolffort uncover salt crystals in the Grand Norzelian Mines. As the first ever non-Hyzantian source of salt in Norzelia, what Serenoa Wolffort and his war council choose to do with the crystals could shape the future of the entire continent.

Roland's plan is to hand the salt crystals over to the Holy State of Hyzante and spread the Goddess's Teachings across Norzelia while burying the truth of it and condemning the Roselle to unending slavery, teaming up with their forces to defeat the army of Aesfrost controlled by Gustadolph.


Calm Waters

Serenoa agrees to Frederica’s strategy, and the two come up with a plan to liberate the Roselle. Although Benedict stays behind in Norzelia to care for look after the Wolffort demesne, the rest of House Wolffort including Roland head for Hyzante. They not only kill 3 of the seven saints, but free the Roselle at the Source using Frederica's spirited speech. Taking along the Roselle from House Wolffort's Roselle village, House Wolffort sails to the Southernmost edges at Norzelia. Right as House Wolffort arrives at Norzelia’s border, Minister Idore Delmira arrives via automaton to stop them. Although House Wolffort wounds Idore severely, with the power of Aelfric, Idore prepares to strike a killing blast on the Rosellan escape group. In an act of sheer heroism, Serenoa keeps Idore at bay while the Rosellans cross the Norzelian border. Although Roland and the rest of House Wolffort are able to escape, Serenoa dies from Idore’s final attack.

Roland makes it to Centralia, a land far flung from the war and havoc of Norzelia. Although he knows not what becomes of Glenbrook, he rests easy knowing that the Roselle are free, and he didn't make the horrible choice of giving his freedom away to Hyzante.


A World Free of Sin

Minister of Salt, Roland Glenbrook

Serenoa assents to Roland’s strategy, and formulates a plan to go along with it. Roland decides he will offer the salt crystals and Glenbrook to Hyzante, then unite with Hyzante for a full frontal assault against Aesfrost. Frederica is appalled at this plans' utter disregard for the Rosellans’ hellish living conditions, and leaves after a fight with Serenoa.

Roland and Serenoa head for Hyzante, and Roland formally relinquishes both Glenbrook and the salt crystals to the hierophant. Impressed by this show of faith, Idore executes the traitorous Tenebris Mistel and instills Roland as the Minister of Salt. Serenoa, Roland, and Exharme march to Twinsgate, looking to conquer Aesfrost.

At Twinsgate, Serenoa and Roland's army makes short work of Sycras Diutte, and decimates the remainder of Aesfrost's defensive forces. House Wolffort marches to Ironstone, and defeat Gustadolph Aesfrost with their sheer numbers. Although Roland has an opportunity to kill Gustadolph with his own hands, he refuses, hoping to peacefully subdue Aesfrost. Just as Gustadolph dies from his wounds and Roland believes Aesfrost to be conquered, Svarog Aesfrost refuses to allow Aesfrost to fall to Hyzante's clutches. Svarog uses the Deathsknell to destroy Aesfrost's forge, and floods Ironstone with molten iron and lava. Despite the deadly terrain, Roland and Serenoa are able to defeat Svarog, claiming Aesfrost for the goddess.

During the epilogue, it is revealed that the unification of all of Norzelia under Hyzante's banner was known as The Goddess' Blessing. The salt crystals are maintained by Hyzante, the Aesfrosti archives are burned down, and the Roselle face inhumane labor at the Source along with non-believers of the goddess. A bald nun preaches stories about of Centralia and the Roselle's innocence but is met with nothing but hatred and abuse. On the contrary, believers of the Goddess are treated with equality, and international disputes are no longer a concern for the united Norzelia. Saint Serenoa, appointed as Glenbrook's consul, looks happily upon a stable Glenbrook with his fellow saint, Roland.


The Endless Path

The disgraced prince

Serenoa assents to Benedict’s strategy, and formulates a plan to go along with it. He decides House Wolffort will offer the ally with Aesfrost, then utilize the Deathsknell to destroy the Holy State of Hyzante. Roland, filled with nothing but resentment and hatred towards Aesfrost and its government, refuses to accept Serenoa’s conviction. Although Roland orders Serenoa to cease, Benedict reveals the harsh truth that Serenoa is an eligible heir of King Regna. Roland, devastated by this revelation, decides to hold a duel to ascertain whether he or Serenoa is fit for Glenbrook’s throne. During this duel Roland expresses his vehement skepticism of Gustadolph’s meritocracy, and his belief in Hyzante’s equality. In the end, Serenoa is triumphant, but refuses to kill Roland. Roland leaves House Wolffort dejected, abandoning Glenbrook’s throne and watching from afar to see where Serenoa’s convictions lead him.

In the epilouge, Roland is seen as a wandering monk. He cares for those forsaken by the meritocracy King Serenoa put into place, and harbors Minister Idore Delmira in the corners of Norzelia. The two hope to one day spread the goddess' teachings across Norzelia once more.


Serenoa considers all three strategies laid before him, and deems them all to have dreadful downsides. After careful consideration, he formulates a strategy where the salt crystals would not be relinquished to any one nation, nor abandoned altogether. Serenoa splits his allies into three regiments.

Benedict’s regiment drives Exharme Marcial away from House Wolffort, utilizing their knowledge of the terrain and tactical prowess.

Roland’s regiment heads for Twinsgate to make an alliance with Svarog Aesfrost regarding the Deathsknell. Roland realizes the error in his blind hatred toward Aesfrost, and when Gustadolph tries to arrest Svarog, Rolanf tries to negotiate terms with the Archduke. Gustadolph resorts to unneccessary violence, but is ultimately subdued by Roland's regiment. Although Gustadolph offers Roland a chance to kill him, Svarog Aesfrost kills his egotistical nephew and becomes the new archduke of Aesfrost. Svarog transports the Deathsknell to Hyzante in order to breach the goddess' shield.

Frederica’s regiment heads for the Source and incites a Rosellan uprising, killing minister Kamsell Pharant in the process. Minister Tenebris Mistel is also implied to die in the ensuing Rosellan chaos.

The three regiments converge outside of Hyzante, and kill minister Exharme Marcial while Svarog readies the Deathsknell. After the Deathsknell breaches the goddess’ shield, House Wolffort charges into the Holy State, defeating minister Lyla Viscraft in the process. Although Minister Lyla begs for death, House Wolffort spares her, explaining she has a chance to atone for her inhumane research by releasing the truth to the world. With 5 ministers dealt with, House Wolffort marches into the Hierophant’s Palace to face off against the final two Hyzantian leaders: Idore Delmira and The Hierophant. When the party looks into the hierophant's chamber, they are shocked to discover the hierophant is naught but an automaton controlled by Idore. Absorbing the power of Aelfric, Idore and his mechanical hierophant face off against Serenoa in one last clash of convictions. House Wolffort is triumphant, freeing Norzelia once and for all.

In the end, Roland Glenbrook remains king of Glenbrook, Svarog Aesfrost becomes archduke of Aesfrost, and Lyla Viscraft serves as the head of Hyzante. Roland promises not to shirk the responsibility of being a royal any longer, and gathers all 2 nation dignitaries together for an important event: the wedding of Serenoa Wolffort. As Serenoa and Frederica marry, Roland looks upon them happily, knowing he'll be able to lead Glenbrook with their support.

The Hawk Flies Free
"This is the end of the spoilers in this section."

Mid-Battle Conversations[]

Chapter VII, Part II: Not a Word, My Friend[]

vs. Avlora[]

  • Roland: Avlora, you murderous bastard... You'll pay for what you've done!
  • Avlora: You will share the same fate as your master.

Chapter VIII, Part II: Parting Ways[]

vs. Rufus[]

  • Rufus: So you're the royal whelp... You're even scrawnier than I thought you'd be!
  • Rufus: Poor King Regna. Losing his head and having to leave everything to a worthless runt like you.
  • Roland: Say whatever you will about me, but I refuse to let you make a mockery of my father!

Chapter X, Part II: A Treacherous Soul[]

near Svarog[]

  • Svarog: ...If worse should come to worst, you must leave. We cannot allow things to end here.
  • Roland: Svarog...?
  • Svarog: Gustadolph is undoubtedly scheming something. He must not be left to his own devices.
  • Roland: ...Understood. But first, we rout Sycras's forces.

Chapter X, Part II: Enter the Arena[]

vs. Rufus[]

  • Rufus: So, Dawnspear, what've you got? I want to see what you're capable of.
  • Roland: ......
  • Rufus: Save your breath, then. You'll need it when you're screaming for mercy at the end of my blade.
  • Rufus: Huh? Are you really Maxwell?
  • Roland: ......
  • Rufus: No matter. Once you're dead, I'll still have both the money and the fame.

Chapter XI, Part II: To the Bitter End[]

vs. Rufus[]

  • Rufus: So we meet again, masked one—and this time we can actually fight to the death.
  • Roland: What drives you to such violent ends?
  • Rufus: Isn't it obvious? Money! Money, and the sweet taste of victory.
  • Rufus: I know who you are, masked one. Face me, Maxwell The Dawnspear!
  • Roland: Herosbane...
  • Rufus: Now to add you to my list of conquests!

Chapter XIV, Part I: A Steep Cost[]

vs. Erika[]

  • Erika: So, Princeling, you've been sneaking around in that little mask like a coward this whole time.
  • Erika: Pathetic. Just like the rest of your family. Honestly, the kingdom would be so much better off if your line ended.
  • Roland: Silence! You have been a blight upon my kingdom long enough!

vs. Thalas[]

  • Thalas: Some homecoming, Prince! Creeping around in that ridiculous mask—have you no pride?
  • Roland: Everything I did, I did to reclaim my kingdom. And to see you destroyed!
  • Thalas: Turning the crown city into a battlefield to satisfy your own personal vendetta? What a sorry excuse for a prince.
  • Thalas: The people will call for your head when they find out what you've done!

Chapter XIV, Part I: Vengeance Burns Within Me[]

vs. Avlora[]

  • Avlora: I struck you down with my own hand... So tell me, who are you, behind that mask?
  • Roland: I am Aesfrost's bane.
  • Roland: My mask stays on until the last handful of dirt falls upon your grave.
  • Avlora: Or until I kill you and rip it from your face myself.

Chapter XV, Part II: Were I King[]

Patriatte Low Health[]

  • Patriatte: You have earned your reputation well, Wolffort. And here I thought I was prepared...
  • Cordelia: I believe he has suffered enough. Might we show him a measure of mercy?
  • Roland: Now is no time for mercy. The royal family must rally together.
  • Roland: We must expunge all who would tear us apart!
  • Patriatte: Yes, surround yourself with sycophants and stifle dissent. You'll be a fine tyrant.
  • Roland: What did you say to me!?
  • Patriatte: Kingdoms run on coalitions and compromise, King Roland. Not dreams.
  • Roland: How can we birth a better future if we do not dream it first? You had best rethink your words if you wish to live, Patriatte!

Chapter XVIII: Begone, Shadow of Sadness[]

vs. Sycras[]

  • Sycras: Minister Roland, allowing Hyzante their monopoly over salt gives them dominion of all Norzelia.
  • Roland: Its' not a monopoly. They will oversee its fair distribution and spare those that war would otherwise take.
  • Sycras: Do you honestly think the zealots who treat the Roselle so inhumanely capable of "fairness"?
  • Roland: It is House Wolffort and I who will be responsible for that. If you cannot comprehend that, let our swords do the talking!

Chapter XVIII, Part II: Bound by Sorrow[]

vs. Gustadolph[]

  • Gustadolph: Roland, our ideals can only be realized by dint of strength. Words and reason cannot compel otherwise.
  • Gustadolph: I had thought to teach this lesson by example of your father and brother. Alas, it seems my instruction was lacking.
  • Roland: I dreamt of killing you, Gustadolph. No matter how many days passed, my desire for vengeance did not wane.
  • Roland: But I feel hollow. I only wish to end this at last.

Chapter XIX: Hold Fast to Courage[]

vs. Kamsell[]

  • Kamsell: King Roland... Ah, I see. So Glenbrook plots to wrest the Roselle from us!
  • Roland: This was Serenoa and Frederica's decision, not mine.
  • Kamsell: Then why are you here?
  • Roland: Because my own proposal was deemed unworthy.
  • Kamsell: And what does that mean for Glenbrook?
  • Roland: Glenbrook no longer has need of royalty to thrive. Even if that weren't the case, I am not fit to rule by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Roland: I am Serenoa's spear. I keep his path clear of those who would obstruct him.

Chapter XIX: A Dream in Winter[]

vs. Gustadolph[]

  • Gustadolph: Letting you slip through my fingers that day has proven to be a costly mistake.
  • Gustadolph: I had not anticipated the sniveling second prince to grow from the defended to the defender.
  • Roland: With you gone, the three nations will finally see peace-and I will not rest until that dream is a reality.
  • Roland: I have not come here as royalty, but someone who wishes for a world without war. I cannot lose here!

Chapter XIX: The Fortress That Is Faith[]

vs. Exharme[]

  • Roland: Thank you for leaving the safety of the Shield, Exharme. Sieges are so terribly boring.
  • Exharme: Only a glorious victory can erase an inglorious defeat.
  • Exharme: When the day is done, none alive shall doubt my prowess. And your petty rebellion shall be eclipsed by the story of my greatness!
  • Roland: We've met many like you on our journey—animals in the guises of men. They all reveal their true nature at the end of my spear.
  • Exharme: Yes... Show no mercy, for you shall receive none from me!
  • Exharme: Today marks the end of the Wolffort name!

Final Chapter: For Norzelia[]

vs. The Hierophant[]

  • The Hierophant: ...
  • Roland: A ruler should be a vessel through which the people's desires are realized.
  • Roland: But a leader without a soul cannot hear their pleas. Your rightful place is under the rubble of the church.

vs. Idore[]

  • Roland: For too long has the rot between our three nations have been left to fester. In the name of Glenbrook, I shall cleanse it here and now.
  • Idore: And then what, my young King? Do you have the resolve to steer Norzelia upon the right course?
  • Roland: Perhaps once I would have said no to your question. But that was simply because I was afraid. Afraid to crawl before I could walk.
  • Roland: But my friend showed me that at the end of suffering and uncertainty lies truth. I may be king by virtue of birth, but I will do all in my power to earn my title!